Sunday, February 20, 2011

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Enduro extreme: Hell's Gate 120 for parties in the race, he came second!

go to heaven through hell. Concept clear only to those who have crossed the new frontier, the ultimate enduro . It is hard, more, it spits out the soul to overcome obstacles to good mountain goats. Challenge, in short, in the race that you know where and when it begins but that could end soon, too soon for the self-esteem Enduro who has two opponents: the mule and himself. The extreme

in question is called Hell's Gate , the door of Hell, in fact. Canaloni Tuscan Ciocco with various group, we move this way or not going anywhere. They were in 120, came in second, English, Graham Jarvis and the world champion Dougie Lampkin Trial , trailing by 20 minutes. The others, not received, stopped by stones and roots. Why do not they make it? The pictures explain everything ...


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